How can I help?

Without your financial support and active participation, the School in the Skies project couldn't exist. The project is backed by private donors, and can be supported by associations, foundations or businesses. If you're interested in participating on any level, there are different ways of doing so.

Sponsorship :
Financial gifts are a simple way of supporting the School in the Skies. Subscription sponsorship is the most efficient form of helping, since the regularity of your donations supports long-term activity. Until recently, it was possible to sponsor individual children, but because this system created disparity among the pupils, we now encourage sponsoring the project as a whole.
To give a monthly donation is a simple process: you ask your bank to transfer the amount of your choice to the association's account in France by giving our account number. You can cease payment at any time.

Cooperation groups:
A simple way to help the association is to help others become aware of us - family members, friends, colleagues... All ideas are welcome! We have documents available for the asking.
You can also get the ball rolling by organizing local gatherings - picnics, school associations, etc. - and talking about what we're doing.
We're well aware of how busy your lives are, but even a few hours a month would be extremely helpful. It's your enthusiasm that keeps us going.

Contact us by phone or letter:
The School in the Sky (L'école Dans le Ciel)
F-24290 Saint Léon sur Vézère

Tel : 33-5-53504966
Fax : 33-5-53508054

Or send us a message at :


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